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Revo OCT:
By Optopol gives you Upto 12 mm retinal scan, module for OCT for GCC, Angio OCT and anterior segment OCT is also installed.

Galilei G6:
Combining Topography, Tomography, and Optical Biometry in One System.

H Field Analyser:
Humphrey Field analyser for diagnosis and follow up of glaucoma patients.

H Field Analyser:
Integrates topography, axial length, lens thickness and pachymetry which yield perfect data set for ray tracing. This assures best results even in exceptional eye conditions or Toric IOL calculation.
No matter if you use standard formulas or ray tracing calculation – both options are possible with the OA-2000.

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Novus Varia:
Novus Varia by luminus gives you red green and yellow LASER suitable for photo ablation in patients with vitreous haemorrhage.

YAG laser :
YAG laser by LightMed is excellent for posterior capsulotomy, anterior capsulotomy , AG laser iridotomy and hyloidotomy.

Examination Room 1:
Equipped with digital slit lamp, applanation tonometer and chart projector.

Examination Room 2:
Equipped with digital slit lamp, mounted on sliding table and chart projector.

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Emilia Clarke
Umer Farooq
Jhang Pakistan
"The staff is beyond great! So welcoming and they know how to ease your anxiety! The doctor was amazing! He really walked you through the process, as well as the nurses/staff! It can seem scary, but they made it as painless as possible. The procedure was quick and the staff knew what they were doing. I never leave reviews, but I highly recommend this place! You'll be surrounded by caring folks!"
Emilia Clarke
Fatima Perveen
Faisalabad, Pakistan
"It was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Hassan Raza Qureshi and entire staff very professional and eager to answer any question. I would highly recommend Lahore Eye Center for any procedure 100./. Guaranteed."
Emilia Clarke
Sultan Haider
Faisalabad, Pakistan
"The Lahore eye center was so quick and efficient. I was nervous getting lasik for both eyes but everything went by really smooth and the staff is awesome to work with. I highly recommend anyone interested in getting lasik to come to this location!"
Emilia Clarke
Nadeem Akhtar
Chichawatni, Pakistan
"The team at Lahore Eye Center was really encouraging and helpful throughout the whole process. Their positivity kept me calm and motivated to finish my surgery. When I came back for my check up, I had 20/20 vision and I could not be happier! Thank you so much Lahore Eye Center!"