The two energy levels of the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S are matched to one another, ensuring the perfect combination of speed and precision. About 80 percent of the corneal tissue is removed very quickly with high energy. A gentler beam ablates the remaining 20 percent, thus assuring an especially smooth surface,

Even under complete concentration, the eyes make slight, involuntary movements which cannot be suppressed also when the patient fixates on the green light. Thats why exact centring and constant positioning of the eye is especially important for a precise and safe procedure. With the SCHWIND AMARIS eye tracker, all of the movements which the eye can make are recorded and actively compensated 1050 times per second.

The actual laser treatment takes only a few seconds. For a myopia of -8 dioptres, for example, the SCHWIND AMARIS.750S ablates the required quantity of corneal tissue in about 13 seconds. The complete treatment of both eyes takes about ten minutes.

Clinical studies with SCHWIND AMARIS technology have shown that patients often see better after laser treatment than they did previously with glasses or contact lenses. Nearly all patients see just as well as they did before when they wore corrective lenses. The results of the studies also show an improvement in contrast sensitivity. 

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