Tips to Make Your Eyes Clear Bright and White

Tips to Make Your Eyes Clear Bright and White

Do you want to make your eyes clear bright and white?  The white area of your eye which is called the sclera can turn yellowish or reddish over the period of time. And since the eyes indicate a person’s overall health, it can make your look tired and older, if you do not have bright white eyes. But do not fret there are different ways through which you can counteract the redness or the yellowness in your eyes. The following methods will come handy if you want to make your eyes clear bright and white.

1. Use eye drops

Using  eye drops can help you get rid of the redness in your eyes. Use regular eye drops to get bright white eyes. The eye drops will not only reduce the redness but will also give them a bit of moisture. The lubrication will also get rid of the dryness which might be irritating your eyes.  to counteract irritants or otherwise dryness in the eyes. Or else use  saline drops as they are a little less harsh to the eye.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Make sure that you include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet such as  carrots, pumpkins, lemons and oranges. The fruits and vegetable rich in vitamins and antioxidants will keep your eyes white. Also eating green, leafy foods such as spinach  and nuts like almonds, walnuts and peanuts will promote eye health. The fruits and vegetables will detoxify your liver, which will keep your eyes clear and bright. To make the detoxification even more drink a glass of beetroot juice on an empty stomach, or eat carrots and spinach.

3. Reduce intake of refined sugars and carbohydrates

When you start adding more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, gradually start to reduce the amount of refined sugar and carbohydrates in your diet. This will help you with the detoxification of your liver. Also reducing the amount of unhealthy food will help you with a good sleep pattern if you are struggling with sleeping at night.

4. Sleep

Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night is important, because without enough sleep your eyes will look reddish and tired. So, ensure that your body gets enough rest every night. Reducing intake of refined sugar and carbohydrates will ensure that your have a good sleeping pattern. But if you still have trouble sleeping, try meditation or soothing music before going to bed.

5. Take supplements

If you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals from your diet, take  supplemental vitamin every day. Also, you can take omega 3 capsules or fish oil supplements to boost your level of omega 3 acids.

6. Drink plenty of water

Keeping your body moisturized is the key to bright and clear eyes. Make sure that you drink enough water to keep  your body hydrated. This will reduce the puffiness and  redness in your eyes. Drink about  8 to 10 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated and to get bright white eyes.

7. Avoid irritants like smoke, dust and pollen

Irritants like smoke, dust and pollen can dry out the eyes. Also, if you eliminate smoking from your daily habits, it will help you to restore the natural color and hydration of your eyes. If your surrounding is polluted use an air purifier indoors, it will reduce these irritants.

8. Reduce eyestrain

if you spend most of the time working in front of a computer screen, you should try to reduce the amount of time spent in front of the screen. Also, make sure that you use the screen with a properly lit room, lighting  and the brightness of your screen will affect your eyes. Blink more often and exercise your eyes to reduce eyestrain.

9. Wear sunglasses

Just like the sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV rays,  wearing sunglasses when you are outside will give your eyes protection. The sunglasses will protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays that can cause damage your eyes over time.


These are few important tips to make your eyes clear bright and white. If you still have some queries about this topic you can contact us or visit LEC. For more information you can also have a look at this blog.


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